PMO Clarifies about Panamanian Registration of Iranian Vessels

The Ports and Maritime Organization (PMO) as the duly authorized maritime administration of the Islamic Republic of Iran released a statement and explained about the registration of Iranian-related vessels by the Government of Panama, widely covered by Iranian and international media.
PMO Clarifies about Panamanian Registration of Iranian Vessels

According to the PMO News Portal, the statement is as follows:

All vessels belonging to the Iranian shipping companies currently operate under the glorious Iranian flag, and the Iranian fleet with a sizeable tonnage ranking among the first 20 largest ship-owning countries of the world, serve the maritime transport of the country to provide for the cargo import and export demands.

Iranian flagged vessels fully and favorably comply with international standards and conventions, as well as national legislations and regulations, which has been proven and confirmed by Port State Control (PSC) inspections reports issued by PSC MoUs around the world.

Moreover, Iranian seafarers possess the required competence and expertise, as endorsed by the Maritime Safety Committee (MSC) of the International Maritime Organization (IMO). Thanks to the effective measures taken in the past 30 years to promote the quality and quantity of maritime education in the country, it is our pleasure to announce that a high majority of officers serving on Iranian vessels are Iranian seafarers.

It must be emphasized that such actions are not only considered false and trivial, but also emanate from the political pressure exerted by the Government of the United States of America.

The Panamanian Government is also advised to be aware of the actions and behaviors, and the international and legal impacts of such groundless statements and claims, which will not affect the Iranian maritime trade, stand in clear contradiction to norms of international commercial freedom and the spirit of international maritime conventions that encourage nations and states to promote their cooperation on various levels, as well as Articles 1 and 2 of the IMO Convention ratified by both the Iranian and Panamanian Governments. By virtue of the mentioned articles, Member States to IMO as a subsidiary of the United Nations undertake to refrain from creating any limitations to commercial shipping or committing any discriminatory behavior.

Jan 23, 2023 14:22